How to create Qweb reports in odoo 14

Qweb is a template engine or reporting engine which can be used to create reports. Odoo uses Qweb for generating reports. Qweb provides several tools for creating a report. By using Qweb, we can manipulate the data very easily. This blog will provide insight on how we can create a custom PDF Report in Odoo 14? […]

How To Build A Website In Odoo 14

WEBSITE CREATION IN ODOO 14 Our website builder helps bring your unique vision to life—no design or code experience required. Create a customizable, mobile-optimized website within the hour. All you need to start is a domain name and a vision for your website. If you’re building a small business website, online store, or otherwise, Mailchimp […]

Debugging In Odoo 14

Debugging In Odoo 14

DEBUGGING IN ODOO 14 In software development and programming, debugging is the process of distinguishing and fixing out bugs. Debugging methodologies include problem simplification, unit testing, clustering of bugs, backtracking, control flow analysis, coordinated testing, and profiling Debugging is important for the efficient running of software. We can utilize various debugging tools for Odoo development Step […]