How To Configure Fiscal Position In Odoo 14


Fiscal Positions in Odoo 14 Accounting module is a tool that you can easily manage various Taxes. Fiscal positions will let you create rules to change and collect taxes and accounts used by a transaction automatically. It is easy to configure Fiscal Potions or Tax mapping with the Odoo 14 Accounting module

Thus the Fiscal positions enable us to create a bunch of rules to change taxes and accounts used by a transaction automatically. They can be enforced in several ways: applied automatically, depending on certain rules. or to be added manually to a transaction.

To configure and use the tax mapping technique, firstly install the accounting module. The fiscal position is configured in the accounting module. Then later, fiscal positions can be applied to customers and vendors.

Let us create a Fiscal position. For that Go to Accounting module> Configuration> Accounting> Fiscal positions and then CREATE.




Fill the form. Add the name of the fiscal position. Choose the company to which this fiscal position belongs to. To apply for the fiscal position automatically for certain countries, enable the option ‘Detect Automatically’ and add the country group and country.

Under the Tax Mapping Tab, we can set rules like which tax on the product should be mapped to another tax. So ‘Tax on product’ is the tax that is applied on the product. While ‘Tax to apply’ is the tax that should apply to the product instead of the default product tax.

Thus the fiscal position is created and let us apply this fiscal position to some customers



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