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Electronic invoicing is a form of electronic billing. E-invoicing methods are used by trading partners, such as customers and their suppliers, to present and monitor transactional documents between one another and ensure the terms of their trading agreements are being met

Generate E invoice from odoo without connecting manually on GST portal, module will push and pull data from GST portal with help of API, which makes GST E-Invoice filing easier. The module also facilitates you to create the E-Invoice IRN & Cancel the E-Invoice anytime.


GST E-Invoice

GST E-Invoice is a system in which B2B invoices are authenticated electronically by GSTN for further use on the common GST portal. Under the electronic invoicing system, an identification number will be issued against every invoice by the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) to be managed by the GST Network (GSTN).

While filing GST E-Invoice, either you need to fill the Details

For Saving our time; GST E-Invoice in quick and easy steps. Hence, this GST E-Invoice module can help you to make the process quick and easy.

In the way to reduce your manual efforts, Odoo E-Invoice is introduced to you. The module facilitates you to generate your JSON for the details easily as well as quickly.

You can simply fill the required details and generate E-Invoice Reports in JSON format.

So, you can upload the generated valid JSON format while filing E-Invoice.

  • The module lets you add the E-Invoice IRN Number.
  • Next thing that is really important for a business is managing the issues faced without much complication.we can cancel the irn number also.

Detailed Features List

Generate IRN Number

  • You can create Areas and Pin Codes & Distance in Odoo which help to prepare E-Invoice.
  • You can create Areas and Pin Codes & Distance in Odoo which help to prepare E-Invoice.
  • You can create IRN Number
  • Track the source location of the transporter easily.

Cancel IRN Number

  • You can easily cancel the IRN in Odoo.
  • Simply select the IRN Number and Cancel them.


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