Odoo Modules Explanation

Odoo Modules Explanation

Odoo is noted as an outstanding ERP solution for all types of business operations. Providing with a comprehensive solution for big, medium or small business, Odoo extends you complete support. Odoo offers total solution for all functional operations with specially designed modules. The key modules of Odoo are CRM, Sales, Purchase, Point of Sale, Inventory, Accounting, E-commerce website, Payroll, Project and Email marketing. Odoo offers you a user-friendly platform and operational excellence with easy integration of the Odoo modules.


Odoo Basic Modules Are:


Odoo Discuss is part of the internal communication system of Odoo. A user can make use of this software support for engaging in private conversation or group chat with their colleagues. Such a system improves business communications and also reduces the need for sending business emails.

Odoo Discuss is a user-friendly application for those who want to bring all communication to a single point. Odoo Discuss is a platform that permits a user to send or receive messages. The message can be sent to or received from any app or allows the user to send and receive messages from any place in Odoo. It also deals with the messages and warnings. Odoo Discuss enables me to handle the warnings and messages effectively. Odoo Discuss module will help to create specific channels for group talks and discussions. It will also support meeting coordination and will be an interface accessible for the employees.

The discuss module enables the user to choose the conversations the user would like to follow. The user will neither have to worry about other people seeing personal communication. Odoo discuss has been designed in a way that it can be integrated with all other apps in Odoo.


Sales and Invoice:

The Odoo platform has a dedicated sales management module that will help you to perform all the sales operations such as sending out sales quotations, drafting sales orders, managing the sales team and salesperson operation along with the complete management of the sales department. This intrusive module is in direct integration with the inventory module and all the sales operations are conducted based on the inventory stock.

The invoicing aspects of the Odoo is another sub-module in Odoo which is in direct integration with the sales module. This module will help you with the aspect of creating invoices based on the sales to the customer and can be seen along with the sales order or the quotation or after the sale is completed


Purchase and Billing:


Purchasing is the aspect of a company or a personal asset which deals with products, services and commodities being brought from the vendors for a specific price. The operation in case of a company operations are mostly repetitive and have a fixed wholesale price whereas the vendors provide retails price to the customer in case of personal shopping let it be for grocery, day to day use commodities or household products.

The Odoo purchase management module will provide an act as the complete management solution to deal with the purchase aspects of the company that would indulge in operations such as vendor management, vendor bills, stock updation, quality checks and the other all aspects of the purchase operations to be dealt with in the company.



Accounting And Finance:


Finance management of any company operations will be trickier as numerous parameters involved in the management as it revolves around the entire company operations. An efficient management tool for the accounting and the financial aspect of the company will provide the accountants in the finance managers with a release of burden from then shoulders. Odoo provides the user with an excellent, efficient and reliable finance and accounts management for the company.

Odoo accounting and finance management operates with numerous main modules as well as supporting modules which will add up to the management features. In addition, these modules are interconnected with other modules of the platform to be indulged with the entire company operations. The reliability and the real time data operations and management are the key aspects of the Odoo platform which can be well executed in the financial aspects of the company with Odoo.




Inventory the aspects of every company where all the final result operations are committed. The final results of a company are the product movement and storage which takes place in the inventory of a company. In addition, this is an area where all the strategy management operation booths advanced, complicated and simple should function together in a group to batting the expected results. Odoo software recognizes the need of an effective, efficient and reliable inventory management system which paved the way for the development of Inventory model and its additional attributes.


CRM (Customer Relationship Management):


Client relationship management is an inevitable part of any business operations which provide the company with gaining business opportunities and profits. Gaming new customers and maintaining an excellent healthier relationship with the existing customers will boost your company profits. The Odoo platform provides provision for both these with the advanced management aspects and tools available to conduct various Client relation operations with the potential customers and loyal ones.


POS(Point Of Sale):


The retails mode of sale application by Odoo. This module allows the user to integrate their retail operations of the company with Odoo. This functionality can be accessed remotely using various connected devices. In addition a real time integration with the company inventory would be an added advantage in the retail operation. The module provides the user with both front end and back end usability where the modification made in either aspect is auto detected in the other.

The point of sale module can be configured for the operations of a restaurant or a shop too with the adequate tools available in the Odoo platform. The Odoo platform restaurant or bar management will allow users to run a hotel effectively. One of the other main features of the Odoo POS module is that it can be run in offline mode and the real time operations are easily managed.



An informative and planning calendar will provide the companies to have an effective schedule management and planning to be done effectively in the various aspects of company operations. The Odoo platform has allocated separate calendars module which allows the users to plan the activities, schedule meetings , task and operational aspects allowing the users manage monitor and control the company operations effectively with time efficiency and productivity

The calendar module allows the users to schedule activities which will be indulged within the company or outside the company operations. In the home screen window of the calendar window the user can view the meeting scheduled based on the day, week, month or year. This functionality will allow the users to sort out the operations based on their period requirement. On selecting the respective day or the time of day the user will be able to view the meetings details, the responsible person and the attendees of the respective activity. There is also various filtering operations available by default and the customisable ones which would allow the users to filter out the data to view the one required.



Contact management plays a key role in any business. Efficient management of contact a of leads to customers and partners to suppliers turn crucial for any business venture. Odoo 14 Contact module, helps you to keep track of all contact management need. The user can easily maintain track of the transactions and interactions between business contacts with the help of Odoo Contacts. Business to business and business to customer relation is improved with Odoo 14 Contact module. Odoo Contact which can be integrated with all other modules easily helps you fix all communication related worries.


Live Chat:


Odoo Live Chat helps the user to have direct communication with the website visitors. A dialogue box will be opened when any user contacts through the website. This simple dialog box on the screen will help the customer to communicate easily with sales representatives. This will improve the prospect of the business. The live chat will also speed up the sale process. IT will also enable the business to ensure direct communication with the customers.




The retails mode of sale application by Odoo. This module allows the user to integrate their retail operations of the company with Odoo. This functionality can be accessed remotely using various connected devices. In addition a real time integration with the company inventory would be an added advantage in the retail operation. The module provides the user with both front end and back end usability where the modification made in either aspect is auto detected in the other.

The Odoo platform provides the user with a reliable website management tool where the user can create and customize websites for their companies and manage the operation as per their terminologies and standards. In addition, the designed module acts as along with the e-commerce website, job portal for the company as the HR portal and the custom operations.


E-Commerce(electronic commerce):


E commerce is the future of business operations as the world is shifting to a new online shopping methodology with advancements in technologies and telecommunications facilities. The Odoo ecommerce application which can be accessible from the platform will allow the users to conduct the online sales operations parallel with the conventional ways of business operations being established.

As the Odoo platform operates integratedly with the other aspects of business and company operations the data available in each module is shared in real time. This would allow the users to maintain the real time inventory data to be displayed in the ecommerce website of the company.

Key feature of Odoo ecommerce module

  • Create a customize an ecommerce website
  • List all the products available at the company’s disposal
  • Integrate real time inventory data with the website
  • Allocate specific amount of products to the e commerce operation, i.e. reserve products
  • Restrict multiple product or unit purchase
  • Restrictions based on region and customer
  • Run Promotional and discount program
  • Integrate multiple payment methodologies and gateways
  • Spot billing and configure bills based on the orders and delivery
  • Set lead times based on delivery, manufacturing and purchase
  • Specific product warnings and restrictions
  • Product variant classifications
  • Provide alternate, optional as well as accessory product for the main product
  • Infinite number of portal user based on the server capabilities
  • Information storage in the central database
  • Live chat functionalities
  • Order Reviewing
  • Selling digital products
  • Product comparison
  • Check product availability at the customer locations
  • Configuring taxes and method of ordering based on localization
  • Quantitative and analytical report generation



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